Electricians in Alexandra Bridge (6288)

Electricity is all around us - but only when we no longer have it do we realise its importance! Electricians in Alexandra Bridge use their knowledge and experience to fix problems in the most efficient way.

The electricians in Alexandra Bridge perform the following tasks:

  • installation and maintenance of wiring and lightning systems
  • inspection of electrical components
  • idenfitication of electrical problems with a range of testing devices
  • repairing and replacing of wires, equipment and fixtures using hand- and power-tools
  • guide and train workers to deal with installation, maintenance and repair of electrical wiring and tools

Inside electricians :

These electricians uphold and fix all kinds of large motors, equipment, and control systems in businesses and factories.

Residential electricians :

These electricians are in charge of helping in peoples’ homes to fix their electroniocal problems. Be it the construction in new houses, the installation of access to power where it is needed or the installation of wires - the tasks of electricians in South Road are broad.

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